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Berkshire Clean Room Products

Berkshire Corporation is a U.S. manufacturer of wipers for clean rooms. The company was founded in the 1960s and is the oldest manufacturer for these products in the United States. Morimura is the Japanese agent for the product.

BookBerkshire Clean Room Products
TOSOH Zirconia

TOSOH zirconia powder TZ Series is produced through hydrolysis processes using advanced nanotechnologies.

BookTOSOH Zirconia
Filter Cartridges & Systems

The cartridge filters we can offer have high quality,high reliability and high precision.
This product is effectively used for removal of unnecessary contamination,coarse particles, bactria and classifying filtration, have used by various industrial fields in Japan and overseas.

Filter Cartridges & Systems
AP&C’s Metal Powder products

High Quality Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing

BookAP&C’s Metal Powder products

CITROFLEX was developed by Pfizer Inc. of the United States as the world's first plasticizer made from citric acid that can be used in resin for food wraps.

Commodity resins

・Polyethylene resins
・Polypropylene resins
・Polystyrene resins
・ABS resins
・Polymethylmethacrylate resins
・AS resins, etc.

Commodity resins
Imported Resins

Supplies good cost competitive materials (PP resin, PE resin, PS resin, ABS resin, and others) from China, Taiwan, Korea, etc. Available for both Japan and overseas.

Imported Resins
High-performance Films & Sheets

・Carbon paper for gas diffusion layer (GDL)
・Gas barrier sheet
・Film for food use

High-performance Films & Sheets
  • Precision Ceramics Parts

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