Spice Extracts

We offer Spice Oils, extracts and Natural colorings from Synthite Industries Ltd (INDIA).
- SYNTHITE is the largest Spice oil, Extracts (oleoresins) supplier in INDIA.
- We handle variety of raw material from all over the world. (ex. India / South East Asia / Africa etc.)
- Coffee, Black tea and Herb extracts are available too.
- HALAL & KOSHER certification is available.

【Products Line-up】
・Oleoresin(Spice Extracts): Black Pepper / Ginger / Capsicum / Cinnamon,etc.
・Essential Oil (Steam Distillation): Black Pepper / Ginger / Cardamon / Davana,etc.
・CO2 Extract (Supercritical CO2 Extraction): Coffee / Tea / Celery / Cumin / Vanilla,etc.
・Natural Coloring(Extraction): Turmeric / Paprika / Marigold…etc.

Spice Extracts Spice Extracts

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