Citrus Oil

We offer Citrus oil obtained from the citrus peel or juice from all over the world.
Raw material sources: U.S.A., Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, South Africa, etc.
Mainly used in food products such as beverages, confectionery, as well as in fragrance products, shampoo, air freshener, detergent etc. Additionally, some products are used as an industrial solvent.

【Products Line-up】
・Lemon/ Orange/ Grapefruit/ Lime/ Tangerine/ Mandarin/ Bergamot/ Apple
 - Cold Pressed Oil (obtained from peels by pressed)
 - Essence oil (obtained from juice)
 - Folded Oil (concentrated by distillation, rectification etc)
 - Natural Isolates (specific components contained in citrus oil, isolated by rectification etc. )
 - D’ Limonene (derived from Orange oil. Not only flavor and fragrance, also used as industrial solvent, adhesive agent and cleaning agent)

Citrus Oil Citrus Oil

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