■Supplier: Flint Group Pigments (Morimura Bros Inc is the sole agent in Japanese market)
・Pigments are used for inks (offset, gravure, UV inks, etc), paints, coloring agents, and many other applications as main ingredients.
・Products are supplied from China and USA.

Available colors are Red (PR-53:1、57:1), Blue (PB-15:3), Yellow (PY-12, 13, 14, 174), Green (PG-7), Violet (PV-19, 23), and many others. It is also possible to consider for a specific color to be made as an OEM product too.

The pigments made in factory of Shanghai, China is intended to be used by the supplier for their own inks supplied to EU and USA market, which makes them keep the quality and availability to be very stable.


■Supplier:Morimura Chemicals
Alkali Blue Toner (PB-61) made in Japan, which is used as a toning agent for creating a rich, ideal and beautiful black color for carbon black inks.

・Self Color,
・Black Improver (for carbon black ink)

・Dry Toner,
・Paste (Non-VOC Type),
・Liquid (Non-VOC Type)


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