Electronics Materials, Ceramics & Semiconductors

Total solutions, supplying everything
from raw materials to processing products in order
to support the innovation of IT machinery.

Total solutions, supplying everything from raw materials to processing products in order to support the innovation of IT machinery.

SquareElectronics Materials, Ceramics & Semiconductors

It is indispensable for the diffusion of IT machinery to supply stably high quality electronic parts and semiconductor devices. Morimura handles a wide range of electronic ceramic parts from main materials to subsidiary ones and prepares consistent systems of procurement and sale.
Leveraging the sophisticated expertise in the electronics and understanding the cutting-edge technology in the industry, we can provide total solutions of materials and processing products that meet customer’s needs.

SquareElectronics Materials, Ceramics & Semiconductors List

【Seal Materials for Semi Conductors】

Indian Silica

We have joint venture company in India and we can supply lump size quartz and various type of silica grit and powder from India.

BookIndian Silica
Silica Products

We can supply silica products like spherical silica, fused silica and raw material of cement.

Silica Products

【Other Ceramic Raw Materials】

Alumina / Almatis

A stable supply structure has been established for Alumina based on the high production strength of Almatis which maintains production bases all over the world.

BookAlumina / Almatis
Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbides offer excellent resistance against heat, corrosion and wear. Available in a range of grades applicable to sintered functional materials and the development of fine ceramics.

Silicon Carbide /
Yakushima Denko Co., Ltd.
Aluminum Hydorxide

Used for water treatment materials, flame retardant paper, flame retardant filler for plastic compound resin , filler for artificial marble and various other applications.The Ceramics Division has coarse~fine products in our line up to fulfill many applications.

BookAluminum Hydorxide /
Almorix Ltd.

【Raw Materials, Products for Electronics】

Berkshire Clean Room Products

Berkshire Corporation is a U.S. manufacturer of wipers for clean rooms. The company was founded in the 1960s and is the oldest manufacturer for these products in the United States. Morimura is the Japanese agent for the product.

BookBerkshire Clean Room Products
TOSOH Zirconia

TOSOH zirconia powder TZ Series is produced through hydrolysis processes using advanced nanotechnologies.

BookTOSOH Zirconia
TORAY High Heat-resistant Polyimide Coatings

Photoneece and Semicofine are high-heat resistance polyimide coatings that TORAY Industries, Inc. developed by taking full advantage of the technology for polyimide high-heat resistance resins the company cultivated over the years.

BookTORAY High Heat-resistant Polyimide Coatings
Toray Adhesive Sheets for Semiconductor and Electronic Components

Toray Adhesive sheet for Semiconductor and Electronic Components have excellent performance and longtime experience in the application of the heat sink and stiffener attachment for the T-BGA and E-BGA as well as die bonding for various advanced packages.

BookToray Adhesive Sheets for Semiconductor and Electronic Components
  • Dielectric powder, Electrode materials, Glass Frit, Coating, High Purity Aluminium oxide powder, High Purity Titanium oxide powder, Zirconium oxide powder, Inorganic additive materials
  • Ceramic Grinding Medias, Ceramics Substrate, Precision Ceramics, Base Plates, Setter
  • Raw Material for SOFC and SOEC (Zirconia, Glass Products, Porous Metal Sheet)

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