Privacy Policy

<Privacy Policy>

Based upon the principle of respecting human rights and complying with the Personal Data Protection Law in Japan, Morimura Bros., Inc. ("Morimura") makes every effort appropriately to protect customer's personal information collected through our website, in the following manner;

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
Before acquiring, in principle, Morimura makes clear to customer the purpose of acquiring personal information and will receive the information only by customer's approval.
2. Use of Personal Information
Morimura will not use the personal information provided for the purpose other than that announced or published in advance except when complying with the law.
3. Management of Personal Information
Morimura strives to establish appropriate and reasonable company regulations and management systems in order to prevent loss, leakage, falsification or destruction of personal information.
4. Disclosure to Third Party
Morimura will not provide personal information to any third party unless the individual concerned has agreed to such use or it is required by law.
5. Disclosure, Correction and Deletion etc.
Morimura will respond appropriately according to the law, if the individual concerned requests disclosure, correction, addition, deletion or cessation of personal information.
6. Continuous Improvement of Management System
In order to implement this policy, Morimura will ensure the through understanding of these rules and regulations by our directors and employees, and continuously revise and improve its management system.

For consultation or inquiries, please contact the following office in writing to.
General Affairs Dept.
TORANOMON TOWERS OFFICE, 1-28, Toranomon 4-chome,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8451 Japan

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