Lighter and stronger highly functional metals that we propose
with our advanced engineering know-how.


Highly functional light metals are used in such leading edge industries as automobile industries, medical equipment, and electronics. Ensuring the supply of highly functional materials is critical for today’s cutting edge industries.
Morimura has established cooperative relations with metal manufactures in the world to offer highly functional materials, while applying sophisticated engineering to reliably satisfy the needs of its customers.
The World is trying to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Weight saving by highly functional metals has done so much contribution as to suppress energy consumption.

Metals List


Magnesium / Magontec

Magontec has several manufacturing bases in Europe and China and mainly produces Magnesium die-cast alloys.

BookMagnesium / Magontec
Magnesium / Magnesium Elektron

Magnesium alloys containing zirconium and rare earths have high strength and heat resistance, and have been used for aircraft and motor sports parts applications.

BookMagnesium / Magnesium Elektron

【Titanium Products】

Titanium Ingot / Slab & Sheet / Plate (Pure Titanium & Alloys)

We deal in Titanium wrought material (thick & thin plates, sheets), such as Ti-6AL-4V sheet.

BookTitanium Ingot / Slab & Sheet / Plate (Pure Titanium & Alloys)
Titanium Billet / bar(Pure Titanium & Alloys)

By utilizing the advantage of titanium, such as light-weight, high strength and corrosion/heat resistance, we supply the most suitable materials for the various applications such as automotive industry etc.

BookTitanium Billet / bar
(Pure Titanium & Alloys)
PREP Titanium Powder(Pure Titanium & Alloys)

Powder by Plasma Rotating Electrode Process (PREP). Hgh internal density of the particles and lesser impurities, which leads to greater fatigue strength.

BookPREP Titanium Powder
(Pure Titanium & Alloys)


Aluminum Master Alloy and Grain Refiner / KBM AFFILIPS B.V.

KBM AFFILIPS B.V.(The Netherlands) provides high-quality aluminum grain refiners, aluminum master alloys, copper master alloys and nickel master alloys that are essential for enhancing the quality of final products in the aluminum, copper, foundry and iron industries.

BookAluminum Master Alloy and Grain Refiner / KBM AFFILIPS B.V.
Aluminum Powder

We import and provide with customers the Aluminum Powder by Alcoa, the largest Aluminum manufacturers in the world.

Aluminum Powder
Aeromet Aluminum

Aeromet supplies both of aluminum and magnesium near-net shape castings manufactured by their advanced precision casting technology. Their integrated molding technology can make complicated shape castings.

BookAeromet Aluminum

【Nickel Alloy / Stainless Steel】

Nickel Alloy / Special Metal

Mainly for automotive industry, we supply highly specialty material such as nickel alloy, by utilizing the advantage of heat resistance.

BookNickel Alloy / Special Metal

【Tubes and Pipes for Plant】

Various type of piping alloyed material (Heat exchanger tubes, Boiler tubes and pipes, and so on)

Our wide range of products and supply chain contribute to support international norm such as ASTM, ASME, DIN, EN and so on.

BookVarious type of piping alloyed material (Heat exchanger tubes, Boiler tubes and pipes, and so on)

【Industrial Equipment 】

High Pressure Hydraulic Tube Fittings / Parker Ermeto

Since 1979 Morimura has prepared for a sizable inventory of more than 1,500 kinds of Ermeto fittings, and is recently dealing more with hydraulic products and filters, contributing to the broad range of industries such as automotive in-plant machine tools.

BookHigh Pressure Hydraulic Tube Fittings / Parker Ermeto
Photoelectronic Sensors / BANNER

Banner Engineering, USA, globally supplies wide range of sensor products that features the advantageous performance unavailable from Japanese products, cost saving and unique designs.

Photoelectronic Sensors / BANNER

【Analytical Instrument】

Fast Response Gas Analyzers

Cambustion Ltd., United Kingdom, supplies various kinds of analyzers and measurement systems for HC, NOx, CO, CO2 and PM, utilizing its unique know-how and experiences.

BookFast Response Gas Analyzers

【Automotive Parts, High Performance coatings, Hobby Products】

Overseas consignment production of car parts


Overseas consignment production of car parts
Hobby roducts of plasticmodel trains, plastic models

・Famous branded N gauge and HO gauge
・Accessories for plastic model trains
・Diecasted miniture cars
・Plastic model ship, Bonsai made by paper
・Various type finished plastic model

Hobby products of plasticmodel trains, plastic models
High functional coating agent for cars

Development and sales of body coating with pro specifications and water repellent coating agent for glass

High functional coating agent for cars
Coating agent for solar panels

・It enhances the light transmission of base material and improves efficiency of power generation.
・Its antistatic effect prevents adhension of dusts and sands.

Coating agent for solar panels


Filter Press, Dryer Rollfit

Rollfit Filterpress Process is introduced and domestically produced in technical cooperation with Reisser Eiles & Partner AG in the Switzerland.

BookFilter Press, Dryer "Rollfit"
Roller Mill Machine

Roller Mills has a track record of 60 years in the field of milling machinery for various raw materials.

BookRoller Mill Machine

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