Directors & Officers

SquareMember of the Board

As of 1st January, 2019

Representative Director
Yusuke Morimura
Member of the Board
Makoto Katagiri
Member of the Board
Hajime Morohoshi
Member of the Board
Yukuya Shirane
Member of the Board
Junichi Kuwahara
Member of the Board
Tetsuo Uemura
Member of the Board
Hitoshi Tanemura*
(Corporate Advisor — NORITAKE CO., LIMITED.))
Member of the Board
Kunio Harimoto*
(Representative Director and Chairman of the Board - TOTO LTD.)
Member of the Board
Eiji Hamamoto*
(Advisor to the Board — NGK INSULATORS, LTD.)
Member of the Board
Shinichi Odo※
(Representative Director and Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President Officer - NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD.)

(*Indicates an outside director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.)


Audit and Supervisory Board Member
Ichiro Wakui
Audit and Supervisory Board Member (Outside)
Yoshimitsu Tamaoki

SquareExecutive Officers(*Also hold the position of Member of the Board)

President & Chief Executive Officer
Yusuke Morimura*
Senior Executive Vice President
Makoto Katagiri*
Chief Operating Officer
Senior Executive Vice President
Hajime Morohoshi*
Chief Commercial Officer(Ceramics Div. / Plastics Div. / Flavor, Fragrance & Food Div.)
Senior Vice President
Junichi Kuwahara*
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President
Tetsuo Uemura*
Chief Administrative Officer
Senior Vice President
Toshio Kobayashi
Deputy Chief Commercial Officer(Chemicals Div. / Electronics Material Div.)
Senior Vice President
Mitsuji Nomura
Deputy Chief Commercial Officer(General Manager - Metals Div. / Aerospace Project Team)
Vice President
Toshiharu Ikeda
Chief Regional Officer – Domestic Network
General Manager – Nagoya Branch Office

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