SquareCreed of our Company

At 81 years of age (1919)
Ichizaemon Morimura Ⅵ
Morimura Ichizaemon's instructions = The origin of philosophy

SquarePhilosophy Chart

Mission to society
  • ・Providing sincere high quality values.
  • ・Committing to contribute to realize both spiritually and
    to maintain healthy envitonment through our business.
Corporate Standard of Conduct
Corporate Standard of Conduct
Guidelines for Corporate Activities
CSR Policy
CSR Policy
Achievement through business
  • ・A new professional and integrated company
    for materials and relative konwledge
  • ・A dynamic company of mutual confidence,
    fostring & ensuring our valuable human resources.
Mid-term Corporate Strategy
Mid-term Corporate Strategy
Mid-term Corporate Strategy

SquareRoots of Morimura's Company Logo

Morimura's Company Logo

"Because you're doing business with people from other countries, where ideas and customs differ from your own, you're bound to run into difficulties, and you won't succeed until you overcome those difficulties"—To ensure that these words from MORIMURA BROS., INC. founder Ichizaemon Morimura VI would not be forgotten, the Japanese character for "difficulty" takes a prominent position in the company logo.

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