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Creed of our Company

This company was established with the lofty ideas of recognizing the brotherhood of man, promoting peace in the world, bringing happiness to everyone and practicing justice and humanity by means of foreign trade.
You should not think only of your own interests but aim at prosperity for coming generations at the sacrifice of yourselves.
You should aim at absolute sincerity and faithfulness, keeping all promises made.
You should refrain from lies, self-conceit, anger, haughtiness and idleness.
You must uphold integrity in every way and at any cost. A friend is a more valuable treasure than a blood relation. Through the cooperation of our friends, we can achieve much more than might be achieved by the use of money. Friendship is forever.
You should have a positive attitude to life, believing in God, everything is possible.
You should keep the above resolutions with an iron will and provide a shining example to the world.
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Philosophy Chart

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Roots of Morimura's Company Logo

"Because you're doing business with people from other countries, where ideas and customs differ from your own, you're bound to run into difficulties, and you won't succeed until you overcome those difficulties"—To ensure that these words from MORIMURA BROS., INC. founder Ichizaemon Morimura VI would not be forgotten, the Japanese character for "difficulty" takes a prominent position in the company logo.
Morimura's Company Logo

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