Flavor / Fragrance Ingredients & Food Product Materials

Morimura responds to contemporary needs for the creation of
flavors, fragrance, food safety and health-consciousness,
with capabilities of offering a wide range of solutions.

Flavor / Fragrance Ingredients & Food Product MaterialsFlavor / Fragrance Ingredients & Food Product Materials

Morimura handles flavor / fragrance ingredients and food materials from the 1950s. We have focused on the needs of the times. At present, to respond to the growing demands for health and safety-conscious products, we have constructed worldwide network of securing materials. We can provide the stable supply of high-quality Natural Oils / Aroma Chemicals and raw materials for food products.
In flavor / fragrance-related products, we are handling mainly Natural Essential Oils for Flavors and Fragrances, in addition to synthetic and Natural Chemicals.
In food-related products, we specialize in functional foods, food additives and ethnic foods.
For procuring natural flavors, Morimura has established for over 50 years a worldwide network, which must certainly reassure you.

SquareFlavor / Fragrance Ingredients & Food Products Materials List

【Flavors and Fragrances】

Citrus Oil

We offer Citrus oil obtained from citrus peel or juice which originated from all over the world.

BookCitrus Oil
Peppermint Oil Spearmint Oil Corn mint Oil

We offer Peppermint / Spearmint / Corn mint Oil from North America, Europe, China, and India.

BookPeppermint Oil
Spearmint Oil
Corn mint Oil
100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil

We offer about 200 kinds of 100% pure and natural essential oils & extracts from ALBERT VIEILLE which is located in Grasse near Cannes.

Book100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil
Japanese Essential Oil

The natural <Yuzu Oil> which is unique Japanese origin citrus oil picked out from Yuzu peel of its fruit 100% made in Ehime-prefecture by steam distillation is offered.

BookJapanese Essential Oil
Spice Extracts

We offer Spice oil,oreolesins and Natural colorings from Synthite Industries Ltd (INDIA).

BookSpice Extracts
Hop Extracts

We offer various species of Hop oil, Bitter ingredients and fraction products from BARTH-HAAS (U.K.) which is specializing in Hop products. It can be giving characteristic flavor to beverage and Non alcohol beer etc.

BookHop Extracts
Aroma Chemicals

We offer variety of Aroma chemicals from all over the world.
- Stable supply & reasonable price
- Widely used for foods and household products.

BookAroma Chemicals


Vitamin C

We continue to provide Vitamin C for a long time. The factory is certified as FSSC 22000.

Vitamin C
Erythorbic Acid

Erythorbic Acid is isomer of Vitamin C and it has similar effect as antioxidant. It is widely used for boiler cleaning, photographic developing, polycondensation resin.

Erythorbic Acid
Powdered Cellulose

We are providing powdered cellulose as sole distributor for food market for Solvaira Specialty LP.

Powdered Cellulose
Citric Acid

We continue to provide citric acid for a long time. The factory is certified as FSSC 22000.

Citric Acid
Acesulfame K

We are providing Acesulfame K as pioneer for Japanese food market. It has good effect for low-cal foods as sweetner.

Acesulfame K

CITROFLEX was developed by Pfizer Inc. of the United States as the world's first plasticizer made from citric acid that can be used in resin for food wraps.

Lactic acid

We are providing fermented Lactic acid to food, feed, detergent and surface agent market.

Lactic acid



It is soluble dietary fiber which be made by citric acid, sorbitol and glucose and widely used for low-cal foods.

Omega-3 fish oils

Morimura imports Norwegian Omega-3 fish oils. It is used for nutrient supplementation such as dietary supplement, and dairy products etc.

Omega-3 fish oils

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