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Chemicals, Flavor/Fragrance ingredients, Food Materials


Chemicals Division

Functional Chemicals Dept.

Industrial Chemicals Dept.
Resin&Film Group
Ink Material Group

Flavor, Fragrance&Food Dept.
Flavor&Fragrance Ingredients Group
Food Ingredients Group

In response to the needs of a number of industries, Morimura procures and supplies high value-added specialty chemicals, environmentally-sound products and raw materials that satisfy health and food safety requirements around the globe.

Chemicals, Flavor/Fragrance ingredients, Food Materials Morimura provides high value-added specialty chemical products to a wide range of industrial sectors for use in high-functionality plastics, synthetic rubbers, raw materials for friction material like disc and brake lining, chemicals for printing ink, metal surface treatments, and various plastic films / sheets for electronic device like display panel of smart phone. At the same time, we offer technological solutions that make full use of the expertise we have cultivated through partnerships with suppliers around the world.

In addition, we have been quick to respond to the demand for environmentally friendly products and provide customers with technological solutions. For example, we have been actively recommending surface treatment materials that do not use organic solvents and hexavalent chromium.

As a company that has imported flavor/fragrance ingredients and food materials since the early 1950s, Morimura supplies safe, high-quality raw materials, drawing upon its ample experience and global network. With respect to aromatic materials, we handle both natural and synthetic products from Japan and abroad for use in cosmetic and food products. Concerning food materials, we focus on materials and products that differentiate us from other suppliers as goods that only we handle, such as alcohol products, functional foods, food additives and ethnic foods.
Regarding food-related products, we manufacture and sell CITROFLEX, a non-toxic plasticizer that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CITROFLEX is used into a resin for food packaging.
We are also actively developing new products in response to the growing public concern for health and food safety.

Chemicals, Flavor/Fragrance ingredients, Food Materials Product Lineup

Functional Chemicals
Supplying high value-added products which is made up of 3 fields; Synthetic rubbers, Surface treatment materials, Friction materials.
Resin Film Sheet Filter Materials
Supplying resin and resin raw materials for industrial market and also speciality film, sheet and filter materials for electric products and electric components to domestic and overseas.
Ink Related Raw Materials
Supplying many types of raw materials for producing printing inks (pigments, resins, additive agents, etc), and also some secondary materials such as testing instruments.
Flavors and Fragrances
Distributing both natural and synthetic products from Japan and abroad for use in cosmetic and food products
Food materials (Food, Food additives, Fine chemicals etc.)
Supplying the finest foods・additives and edible safety materials. The materials are best for food, animal feeds・cosmetics and a number of other products

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