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Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities 2012

Becoming a global , environmentally firiendly corporation

We established our Environmental Problem Project Team in 2002 with the goal of becoming an "Environmentally Friendly Morimura." Then, in 2007, we formulated Morimura's Environmental Policy, which incorporates our founding spirit, and introduced the Environmental Management System to vigorously and systemantically promote actions for protecting the global environment. We acquired ISO14001 certificataion, an international tandard for environmental management system, in March 2008 and established the CSR Environmental Promotion Department in January 2009 to enhance our environmental management activities.

Taking advantage of functions only avairable to trading companies, we produce products and technologies that help reduce environmental impact as well as products the exert low environmental impact in production processes in Japan and overseas. We strongly supply and encourage the use of these products and technologies across society.

[Major Initiatives]

1.Recommending processes which do not use hazardous substances that have adverse effects on people and the environment.
・A water-soluble process free of organic solvents.
「Water Soluble Ultra Heat-resistant Preflux.」→ For more details, click here.
・A surface treatment process that does not use hexavalent chromium.
「Hexavalent chromium-free chromate materials. 」 →For more details, click here.
2.Selling products that contribute to improved fuel efficiency of automobiles and lower THC (Total Hydrocarbons) and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions.
・「Ultrafast Response Exhaust Gas Analyzer. 」 →For more details, click here.
3.Recycling activities.
・Recycling magnesium in a recycling plant operated by our subsidiary as well as the plants of our business partners.

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