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Plastics Division
Plastics Dept.

Osaka Sales Group

Nagoya Sales Group

Supplying a broad range of synthetic resins while offering services to improve customer satisfaction through the advice of our professional staff.

Plastics We supply a variety of synthetic resins, from general-purpose to high-performance products, to a broad spectrum of industries, such as electronics, electric equipment, automobile and household products. Armed with detailed product knowledge, our staff strives to improve customer satisfaction by recommending the product that best fulfills their diverse needs.
We also provide customers in China, Southeast Asia and other countries with services comparable to those we provide in Japan, thereby capitalizing on our own network. From Oct. 2012, we started business operation in Gurgaon branch, India. In addition, we focus on enhancing our logistics system, which facilitates the timely delivery of products and helps reduce the burden to customers of having to maintain inventory.

Plastics Products Lineup

Suggesting the lightweight solution, eco-friendly raw materials such as biomass resins for automotive parts.
Electric and electronic equipment
Providing high performance plastic resins for connectors, relays, and motors etc.
Household products
Providing commodity resins and high-performance films for household products & article of food.
Housing equipment
Suggesting low-cost & high-performance plastic resins made in overseas country.
Home appliance & office automation equipment
Providing every engineering plastics for home appliance and office automation equipments.
Export (overseas network)
Providing every molding raw materials to your overseas factory capitalizing on our own overseas network and warehouse facilities.

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