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Metals Division
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Aerospace Project Team

Morimura adds significant value through the timely and flexible supply of metals with superior properties, such as magnesium, aluminum and titanium.

MetalsTrading companies importing high quality materials play a key role in helping Japan develop its technological capabilities. Morimura has wide experience in the Metals business resulting from many years of cooperation with metal producers in various countries. This in turn has contributed to the development of Japanese industry with the supply of metals such as magnesium, aluminum and titanium to the domestic market.

We provide magnesium, primarily to the automotive industry, as the sole agent in Japan for Magontec that has the production sites in Germany & China, and Magnesium Electron Ltd. of United Kingdom, a specialty magnesium alloy producer. At the same time, we utilize our materials know-how to undertake magnesium processing.

We also supply aluminum and titanium products for use in the aerospace industry etc. through marketing rights obtained from Alcoa Inc., Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) of the United States, and VALTIMET of France, the world's leading producers of these metals. Our distribution system takes full advantage of our network of major uses, which we have developed through the domestic sales of these materials, while responding to our overseas clients by meeting their broad needs for Japanese products.

Metals Dept.

Automotive Industry Fields
Mainly supplying lightweight metals such as magnesium, titanium and aluminum alloys to the automotive industry in domestic and overseas.
Metal products and related materials
Supplying wide range of metal products such as master alloys for aluminum refining, special steels and powders.

Aerospace Project Team

Aerospace- Aluminum
Items: Ingot, Billet, Sheet, Plate, Tube, Bar/Rod, Extrusion, Profile, Forging, Casting, etc.,Introducing new, advanced & developed alloy.
Aerospace- Titanium
Items: Billet, Sheet, Plate, Tube, Bar/Rod, Wire,Extrusion, Profile, Forging, Press forming,Super-plastic forming, etc. Introducing new, advanced & developed alloy.
Aerospace- Other items lineup
Handling and offering the various kinds of materials; super alloys, magnesium, parts and minerals and so on.

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