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Hobby, Environment-related products, Machinery


Metals Dept. Specialties Group

Morimura earns customer acclaim by providing a wide range of highly functional industrial machinery and household products.

Hobby, Environment-related products, Machinery Morimura handles a broad array of hobby, consumer products and industrial machinery of environment-related with unique functions and characteristics by fully utilizing the unique networking functions of a trading company. We particularly focus on importing and domestic products that meets environmental requirements for the automotive industry and some various industrial field. In addition, we plan to expand business in China and other Asian countries, which are expected to become huge markets for automotive sales in the near future. In this regard, we have already begun local processing and production in cooperation with overseas manufacturers. We also supply a variety of products used in a broad range of areas, such as hobby products of plastic model trains made by OEM.

Hobby, Environment-related products, Machinery Product Lineup

Hobby products of plasticmodel trains, plastic models.
Customs branded products by fully integrated manufacturing in China and south-east asia
Wiper, roofbox and lamp for cars. Coating agent for cars
Customs branded products by fully integrated manufacturing in China. Sales for high functional coating agent in Taiwan and Korea.
Functional coating agent
For self-restoring, antifog, antifouling, antifingerprint
Products for environmental improvement
Coating agent for antibacterial, mildew proofing, algae proofing composition
Industrial machine for environment
Sanitary sewage treatment system for industry, Materials for industry (lime stone, silica rock, ceramic,sewage sludge)

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