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Electronics Materials


Electronics Material Dept.

Morimura supports the core development of technology for electronic equipment by supplying a broad range of products, from raw materials for product manufacturing and components used in production processes to processed products.

Electronics Materials Electronic components and semiconductor devices play a vital role in the constant technological innovation in electronic equipment.
We have contributed to the development of the electronics industry in the field of electronic components and semiconductor devices by providing a stable supply of raw materials with advanced properties, such as zirconia, a substituting material for lead dielectric and electrode materials.
In addition to raw materials, we are also actively marketing various processed products. Our ceramic circuit boards for electronic components, connector components for optical fiber communication and a variety of materials used in clean rooms are widely recognized for quality and processing accuracy, enabling us to claim an expanding share of the market.
Leveraging the high-level expertise we have acquired over many years, we provide total solutions, from materials to processed products associated with the ongoing evolution of electronic equipment.

Electronics Materials Product Lineup

Consumables for semiconductor, electronics and pharmaceutical
Ceramic structures for optical communication device
Raw materials for electronic ceramic parts
Main materials, Sintering agents, Dopants, Secondary materials and processing agents,Refractory parts, Fillers, Printing pastes, Thermal conductivity materials, Substitute for Pb, Phosphor, e.t.c
High performance coatings
Automotive, Construction materials, LED, Electronic semiconductor products
Analytical and measuring instruments parts, Semiconductor parts, Medical parts
Precision ceramics parts, Tungsten carbide, Precision titanium parts
  • Ceramic parts / Alumina, Zirconia, Aluminum nitride (AlN), Silicon Carbide (SIC) and other ceramics materials,Tungsten carbide and Titanium parts

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